Lending Services

Do you need access to funds to buy a new workspace? Renovate your existing space? Pay off your bills? Whatever your business needs, Caisse populaire de Clare is here to help. We have many business loan products to fit your particular needs, and with our dedicated commercial department, we can process your application promptly.

Business Credit Cards
Would you like the convenience of a credit card? The Business MasterCard is perfect for small businesses and corporate members who want financial convenience and control. Talk to us about options for your Corporate MasterCard.

Commercial Loans/Mortgages

Does YOUR Business require capital to finance fixed assets, such as real estate? We offer flexible lending terms and options and rates to suit your business requirements.

Letter of CreditWe also offer a Letter of Credit which provides you with a convenient method of conducting secured domestic business transactions.  

Line of Credit

Do you need access to temporary funds from time to time? Ask us about access to operating funds on your chequing account, Caisse populaire de Clare can provide you with a business line of credit.

Nova Scotia Small Business Financing Program
The only financing program of it’s kind designed to empower small businesses in Nova Scotia to succeed. This is a joint initiative with Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, Atlantic Central, local credit unions, and Province of Nova Scotia.