At Caisse populaire de Clare we offer access to a comprehensive range of investment products and services that suit your investment needs and the financial expertise to help achieve your goals.

Whether you’re just beginning to save and looking for a Tax-Free Savings Account or approaching retirement and looking for more information on opening a Registered Retirement Income Fund, we can help.

Caisse populaire de Clare provides access to a comprehensive range of investment products and term deposit options. The type of investment you choose will be affected by what your needs and goals are.

Financial Planning: Financial services and solutions designed specifically for your lifestyle and life stage.

: prepare for your children's pursuit of a higher education.

RRIFs: Living well during your retirement means managing your retirement income wisely.

RRSPs: With careful long-term planning you can accumulate enough savings to enjoy retirement.

Term Deposits
: Provides a secure, worry-free investment for long term funds.

: Tax-free savings account is a registered savings account that allows you to earn investment income tax-free inside the account. It will be available January 1st, 2009.